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      • This school is named after one of the greatest national heroes of the Maldives. Al-Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu, popularly known as Boduthakurufaanu, was the hero who drove way the Portuguese and re-established Islamic ruling in the Maldives in 1573 A.D. Boduthakurufaanu ruled the country for twelve years. He was a religious, wise and just ruler, much loved by his people. During his reign, which was noted for peace and prosperity throughout the country, he strengthen the administrative system of the Government. Noteworthy among these were the establishment of a permanent security force and the introduction of Dhigulaari (long coin). Local script (thaana) also has its beginning during this time. Al-Sultan Muhammed Thakurufaanu passed away on the first day of Ramazan 993 A.D.

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      • Mobile users
        • Mobile users

          Dear mobile users.

          you can check your timetable and substitution also on your mobile device. If you have iPhone,iPad or Android device, you can download native application for these platforms.

          For more info please check: mobile.edupage.org

      • Birth of this web page
        • Birth of this web page

          Web page of our school is finally on the internet. You will find here a lot of functionality and interesting information. List of student, classes, teachers, timetables, substitution, and other data.